Concert Review: Andrew WK 7/28/08

Last month Lansing was rocked hard by one man. One man wielding a single synthesizer. One man whose good will and exuberance was enough to turn Basement 414 into a writhing love fest for all things relating to rock anthems. Apparently on a trip to visit family and friends in his native Ann Arbor, Mr. WK was kind enough to stop by the intimate venue to share his anthems of love, goodwill and partying. By and large the set consisted of requests from the ecstatic crowd, running the gamut of hit singles such as We Want Fun, and Party Hard. Though the set was stripped down, the rousing nature of his compositions matched with his larger than life personality had much of the club hopping, dancing and decidedly befuddled. And as soon as it had started, his key bashing, hair swinging, fist pumping performence faded out into completion, and the attendees stumbled out into the muggy eve, all the better for having seen this opportune rock event.


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Video Of The Day: M83-Kim And Jessie

A fresh video from M83 that features rollerblades and madness. Months later and this album is still very much in contention for album of the year. Let your new wave freak flag fly!

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New Of Montreal- Id Engager

The first glimpse of the upcoming Of Montreal album “Skeletal Lamping” has been revealed in the form of a new single called “Id Engager”. Definitely a funky affair, Id further embraces the glam rock alter ego of Kevin Barnes named Georgie Fruit. Synthesizer’s fly and vocal pitch’s soar in this sample track. It is hardly a masterpiece, but it shows great promise for this highly anticipated fall release.

You can score this track HERE courtesy of Stereogum.

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Video Of The Day: Beck-Gamma Ray

This is the first video from the fantastic new Beck album, Modern Guilt.

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Video Of The Day: Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal

The Fleet Foxes have been having a kick ass year. They have exploded onto the scene with their debut ep and first release, taking the helm of the current folk revival with their self proclaimed “baroque pop” sound. Now they have infiltrated the realm of video with a madcap claymation adventure set to the hauntingly beautiful White Winter Hymnal. Pitchfork has the video review HERE

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Jack White Loves Detroit

…so much so that he has written a poem to express these sentiments. Stereogum has the scoop HERE

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New Mogwai: The Sun Smells Too Loud

Mogwai is always good for some ethereal, often abrasive toned audio swells. The new single is no different. Swiftly moving with a tight pop beat and guitar hook, “Sun” brings a fun twist to the often grim textures of Mogwai. You can download the new track HERE

The new album, called “The Hawk Is Howling” will be released on Matador on September 23rd.

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